One Year Later: Tariffs Still Hurting U.S. Soy Growers

Jul 03, 2019

This weekend marks one year since China retaliated against President Trump’s 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods—launching the trade war that plummeted the price of U.S. soybeans and damaged growers’ decades-old relationship with its number one customer.

Last week, President Trump and Chinese President Xi jointly deciding to reinstate negotiations .While a hopeful step to a resolution, there is no outlined or agreed upon timeline to conclude these talks.

With a trade war abroad and unprecedented rains leading to flooding and delayed planting of this year’s crop, the last 365 days have brought a whirlwind of uncertainty and financial strain to U.S. soy growers, and they need stability and access to open markets now.

ASA urges the Administration to conclude negotiations with China that include an immediate lifting of the soybean tariff.

As part of its advocacy plans surrounding the anniversary of when the first retaliatory tariffs were implemented, ASA is bringing back the #FacesofTariffs hashtag and will share quotes and farm photos featuring soybean leaders over the coming weeks on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Follow along with us as they describe how the tariffs have impacted their farms and their hopes for the future, and please plan to share on your own social pages.