Soy Growers, Ag Groups Urge Congress to Continue Support for Food Assistance Programs

Mar 05, 2020

ASA and other ag groups signed onto letters to Senate and House leadership this week urging Congress to continue supporting food assistance programs in next year’s budget.

“We stand united in our belief that U.S. food assistance and agriculture development programs are among the world’s most critical foreign assistance programs, save countless lives, bolster our nation’s and global security, and help millions in need around the world,” groups state in the letters.

Food assistance and agriculture development not only benefit millions around the world suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition, but also create opportunities for economic growth in the U.S. As vulnerable communities stabilize and prosper through food aid programs, many have become important U.S. trading partners.

ASA was disappointed in January when President Trump’s proposed budget included the elimination of the McGovern-Dole Food for Education program, which provided high-quality, American-sourced commodities, including U.S. soy, for millions of children in 24 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

In the letters to Congress, ag groups urge “robust appropriations” in FY21 to continue Food for Peace, Food for Progress and the McGovern-Dole programs. Read the letters here.