Soy Growers Push for Biodiesel Tax Credit in D.C.

Feb 07, 2019

ASA Director Chris Hill (MN) visits Congressman Tom Emmer to discuss the Biodiesel Tax Incentive this week.

ASA Directors serving on the Biodiesel & Infrastructure Advocacy Team participated in more than 30 meetings with targeted congressional offices this week to push for a multi-year extension of the biodiesel tax credit. Several of the directors also participated in meetings with key Administration officials on the importance of maintaining anti-dumping and counter-vailing duties on unfairly subsidized biodiesel imports. ASA grower-leaders participating in the fly-in included Rob Shaffer, Chair (IL); Chris Hill (MN); Gerry Hayden (KY); Dean Coleman (IA); Ken Boswell (NE); Morey Hill (IA); Matt Stutzman (MI) and Brad Kremer (WI).