Soybean Farmers Applaud Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

Jun 24, 2021

Washington, D.C. June 24, 2021. Soybean farmers are pleased to see a strong bipartisan approach to investing in America’s infrastructure and are supportive of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework agreed upon by senators and endorsed by President Biden. The plan to overhaul the country’s transportation, water and broadband infrastructure would put into motion President Biden’s Build Back Better vision and invest resources proposed in his American Jobs Plan.

“ASA has long championed many of the investments in this package, including ports, waterways, highways and bridges, and broadband. We are thankful to see these issues prioritized and that the plan avoids tax provisions that would negatively impact farmers and their families, such as drastic changes to stepped-up basis,” said Kevin Scott, ASA president and soybean farmer from South Dakota.

While details of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework must still be developed, ASA looks forward to working with both the White House and Congress to advance infrastructure investment without imposing a tax burden on farmers.