USB, ASA Highlight Checkoff Activities for Industry Leaders, Innovators

Oct 03, 2019

Photo Caption: ASA Director Ronnie Russell addresses attendees of the Ag Outlook Forum on Sept. 23, in Kansas City, Mo. Photo courtesy of Jim Barcus

ASA teamed up with USB recently participating in two industry events to share valuable information about soybean checkoff-funded activities with numerous industry leaders and innovators.

ASA facilitated USB’s sponsorship of the Ag Outlook Forum on Sept. 23. The event was organized by Agri-Pulse Communications and the Kansas City Agribusiness Council and attracted over 250 agriculture industry representatives. It included presentations from state and federal government officials and leaders from several major agricultural companies and commodity organizations.

ASA Governing Member Ronnie Russell (MO) provided remarks on behalf of USB and ASA, including a brief update on a recent checkoff-funded study demonstrating the significant potential economic benefits of dredging the lower Mississippi River to 50 feet. This would significantly improve the efficiency of shipping U.S. soybeans out of the Port of New Orleans and increase total revenue for U.S. farmers by $461 million.

On Sept. 9-11, ASA Director George Goblish (MN) and staff members Bill Schuermann and Michelle Hummel attended the Ag Innovation Showcase on behalf of USB, a gold level sponsor of the event. The Ag Innovation Showcase gathers over 400 attendees from more than 26 countries and provides an intimate venue for industry leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to form relationships and engage in substantive discussions that enable innovative solutions coming to market for consumer, social, commercial and environmental benefit. The event aims to explore global and national issues related to soil health, food production, food sustainability, food waste and food security. Sponsorship of the event allowed USB to be recognized as host of a specific VIP function for major agriculture industry technology and innovation leaders. The sponsorship also included recognition in conference communications, plus the opportunity to provide information on the soybean checkoff to attendees via a display and various networking events.