“Virtual” Event, Real Opportunities to Talk Soy & Ag Priorities

Feb 25, 2021

Whether you are a valued member of the media or one of our Special Edition 2021 Commodity Classic show attendees, we promise each of you VIP treatment in accessing soy leaders and ASA staff during this much-anticipated annual event.

While a little strange and a lot less familiar, this year’s digital format allows the opportunity for every attendee to talk one-on-one with us on the topics of most interest to them! ASA farmer-leaders, policy staff, the WISHH team, your industry affairs friends—and ASA’s new-since-San Antonio economist Scott Gerlt—are more tangible than ever!

Think of our ASA page as “soy on demand,” with your choice of programming. Below is what’s on the menu (also downloadable here) and available for real-time, on-screen soy interaction from ASA throughout the show, and the full schedule of events can be found at


Policy Team on Tap (2-3pm Central)

ASA’s full policy team will be on hand to welcome you to the show, talk shop, or simply catch up!

Meet the gang and get answers on important issues—or just say hello.

ASA “Officers Club” (3-4pm Central)

Come hang out with Kevin, "Billy" and Brad and catch an interview—or an opinion—on soy priorities! It’s where all the cool kids will be—or at least those who want insightful soy conversation (and soundbites!) with some of our top farmers!

ASA President Kevin Scott (SD)

ASA Chairman Bill Gordon (MN)

ASA Vice President & Classic Co-Chair Brad Doyle (AR)

ASA Chat monitored 1-5pm Central


Get WISHHY with It! (9-10am Central)

Not yet familiar with ASA’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health? Know about WISHH…but “wishh” to know more? This long-term development arm of the soy family has loads of fascinating programs to talk about—from protein trends to fish farming!

We have an A-list crew from WISHH on hand to share more on this outstanding ASA program and conduct media interviews.

Can’t make this session—or want more guidance on what to ask about? Check out our Thursday WISHH program write-up below for more!

Liz Hare, WISHH Executive Director

Gena Perry, Project Director, Global Strategies

Chris Slemp, Project Director, Africa Division

Policy “ABC” Session: ASA on Biden Administration from the CEO! (10-11am Central)

Everyone knows politics is never as simple as ABC, but at ASA we love to dive into the deep topics—and what better time than with a new administration!

Join ASA CEO Steve Censky, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Agriculture, to discuss “ASA policy in the new Biden administration.” This is an informal conversation with opportunities for interviews and attendee questions.

Joining Mr. Censky is ASA Executive Director of Government Affairs, Christy Seyfert.

Tending Industry Relations (2-3pm Central)

That’s right! ASA cares about our valued relationships with industry partners, grower education and engagement, and getting word out about ASA’s outstanding leadership tracks.

Come chat with Bill Schuermann and say hello to the full crew! It may be virtual right now, but they welcome just the same your questions and the chance to share info about ASA’s essential programs and opportunities.

Wedgewood, Lenox and Soy Exports…All Delicate China Situations! (3-4pm Central)

Everyone knows ASA has been caught up in China trade drama the past few years, but what’s the very latest? And what else is going on in soy trade beyond Beijing?? We know you have a full “plate” this Classic, but this is your chance to speak with the experts and find out more on soy trade.

Virginia Houston, ASA Trade Policy Lead

Farmers Josh Gackle (ND), ASA Board, Governing Committee, Trade Policy & International Affairs Committee, and Stan Born (IL), ASA Board, Governing Committee/Treasurer, Trade Policy & International Affairs Committee

“The Economist’s Angle: Digital Edition!” with Scott Gerlt (4-5pm Central)

Join ASA’s on-staff economist as he updates us on soybean markets in this hour we’re calling, “Worth a hill of beans? Recovery in the soybean market.”

Being a responsible economist, Scott will have slides with graphs and charts on hand—but he’s also an easy guy to open casual conversation with and welcomes your questions.

ASA Chat monitored 8am-5pm Central


Farm Policy: Two Little Words with Weighty Impact (9-10am Central)

Two words that, when combined, say so much: Farm and policy. Whether it’s COVID response, Farm Bill, farm safety net or myriad other matters, this broad topic packs big impact for farmers. Narrow down your questions—we are ready to talk farm policy!

ASA Executive Director of Government Affairs and Farm Policy Lead Christy Seyfert

Farmer, ASA Board and Farm Policy Committee Chair Kendell Culp (IN)

5 Wonderful Reasons You Will WISHH You Tuned in this Hour! (10-11am Central)

ASA’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health is on trend, literally, and helping develop long term soy demand in unique ways worldwide. Here are five good reasons we hope you’ll come chat with members of the WISHH team, who always have newsworthy developments in the pipeline!

  1. ASA/WISHH Plants New Agriculture Association in Cambodia (CAST)
  2. Aquaculture in Cambodia – A New and Growing Market for U.S. Soy (CAST)
  3. 5 Global Trends – What They Mean for U.S. Soy’s Next Customers.
  4. ASA/WISHH Goes Virtual to Capitalize on Soy Protein Trends
  5. What’s Happening in Africa and What Does it Mean for U.S. Soy?

Liz Hare, WISHH Executive Director

Gena Perry, Project Director, Global Strategies

Chris Slemp, Project Director, Africa Division

Speaking Conservatively—but Precisely! (2-3pm Central)

Conservation and Precision Agriculture play a vital role in our industry and for our environment, and soy growers are proactive in assuring they are doing their part. Come talk to our policy lead in this area, along with the chair of the Conservation and Precision Ag Committee, on what we’re doing to not only pull our weight now but set a better tone for tomorrow.

Ariel Wiegard, ASA Conservation Policy Lead

Farmer Jim Kukowski (MN), ASA Board and Conservation & Precision Ag Committee Chair

3-Course Soy Meal Served Free Here! (3-4pm Central)

How ‘bout a little Transportation and Infrastructure for starters, a heaping course of Biodiesel, and a sweet little serving of Sustainability to close things out? Alexa has one of the most diverse ASA policy portfolios (which is saying a lot!), so we promise you won’t leave this conversation hungry—but it may whet your appetite for some good follow-up interviews! Oh, we can also offer an amuse bouche of Broadband, if interested—another serious topic these days amidst our silly write-up here. No matter your palate, we hope you’ll join us for hearty conversation.

Alexa Combelic, ASA Policy Lead for Biodiesel, Infrastructure, and Sustainability

Farmers Willard Jack (MS), ASA Board and Biodiesel & Infrastructure Committee Chair, and Caleb Ragland (KY), ASA Board, Governing Committee, and Biodiesel & Infrastructure Committee

K is for Krop Protection? (4-5pm Central)

Okay, well, maybe that doesn’t quite work—but K is for “Kyle Kunkler” and the opportunity to talk with Kyle and a “Kouple” of our outstanding soy farmers about this diverse portfolio.

Here’s your chance to talk biotech, learn about ASA’s Innovation Task Force, and yes, crop protection (with a c).

Kyle Kunkler, ASA Policy Lead for Crop Protection and Biotech

Farmers Alan Meadows (TN), ASA Board and Regulatory Committee Chair, and Daryl Cates (IL), ASA Board, Governing Committee/Secretary and Regulatory Committee

ASA Chat monitored 8am-5pm Central


Reminder: Joint Learning Session brought to you by ASA and Farm Credit on Combating Farm Stress (8-9am Central)

Mending the Stress Fence Learning Center Session: Eric Karbowski, Community Behavioral Health Educator with Michigan State University Extension, leads this short program that will help participants create self-awareness and provide them with tools and resources to help those in need. Moderated by ASA’s Wendy Brannen and Farm Credit’s Brittany Jablonsky. Media contacts listed below.

Roundtable Round-Out! (9-10am Central)

Miss the digital boat these last three days? Zoom steamrolled your plans to catch great content or line up compelling interviews? Don’t fret! ASA has you covered with this last-call policy roundtable to round out the show.

Once again, the full policy team will be on standby to chat soy policy, along with ASA CEO Steve Censky.

Join Steve, Christy Seyfert, Kyle Kunkler, Alexa Combelic, Virginia Houston, and Ariel Wiegard for those last-minute questions. We’ll even throw in Wendy Brannen and Blair Shipp with the Comm’s team for good measure!

ASA Chat monitored 8am-11am Central

Happy Classic, and we can’t wait to see you online!

Media Interviews:

To set up ASA media interviews, contact Wendy Brannen,, or Blair Shipp,


The full schedule of Commodity Classic events can be found on the event website: Please register at, where the first 5,000 farmers can register at no cost courtesy of this year’s show sponsors.


This year during Commodity Classic, the American Soybean Association and Farm Credit offer a Learning Session opportunity designed to help farmers recognize and respond to signs of chronic stress in themselves and others.

Eric Karbowski, Community Behavioral Health Educator with Michigan State University Extension, leads this short program that will help participants create self-awareness and provide them with tools and resources to help those in need.

The Mending the Stress Fence Learning Center Session will be Friday, March 5, 8:00 am - 9:00 am Central. Please register at to attend this session.

To request media interviews regarding Farm Stress, please contact Wendy Brannen,, or Mark Hayes,