WISHH Committee Treasurer Visits ASA

Jan 03, 2013

Dan Farney, Illinois Soybean Association secretary and treasurer of the WISHH Committee, visited the ASA offices on Jan. 2, where he met with WISHH management staff and the ASA accounting department. Dan was elected treasurer of committee at its July 2012 meeting. The WISHH Committee, is a standing committee of ASA, consists of 16 members from 9 states, and is made up of two ASA Board members and representatives of the Qualified State Soybean Boards that fund WISHH. The WISHH budget for Fiscal Year 2013 is over $10 million.

WISHH promotes exports of U.S. soy protein for use in human diets in developing countries. As a market development program for U.S. soy targeting human nutrition in developing countries, WISHH stimulates demand for soy in public and private sectors around the world. WISHH has worked with numerous private voluntary organizations and commercial companies in developing countries in Africa, Asia and Central America, training people how to use soy for economic and nutritional advantages. Many of these groups are using U.S. high-protein soy to improve diets and health as well as encourage growth of food industries in developing countries.