WISHH Highlights Importance of Soy on International School Meals Day

Mar 14, 2019

ASA’s WISHH shared the importance of U.S. soy on International School Meals Day, March 14. In a message to international development and trade audiences, WISHH emphasized the benefits of U.S. soy and how WISHH connects trade and development by working with governments, non-governmental organizations and businesses.

Organizers of the 2019 International School Meals Day had selected the theme of “Who makes my meal?” WISHH shared how U.S. soybean farmers are part of the school meal value chain, and their support of WISHH builds demand through strategic partnerships with developing country enterprises that manufacture nutritious, safe and affordable foods.

As a result, U.S. soy helps fill the protein gap in countries like Ghana, Guatemala and Mozambique. The inclusion of many soy products in local foods does not change their taste so protein can be added to meet the needs of children to help them grow and learn without having to convince them to change their diets.