WISHH Hosts Training for Supply Chain Partners in Uganda

Nov 15, 2019

A group of trainees work together to identify ways to improve workflow in the soy food processing section of the host company’s factory.

ASA/WISHH organized a  training for its African supply chain partners in Kampala, Uganda in early November to help these companies increase their profitability and generate additional capital for the purchase of U.S. soy products.

The attendees represented companies that import U.S. value added soy proteins such as texturized soy protein (TSP) and defatted soy flour (DSF). The companies have helped WISHH introduce U.S. soy food products to Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda. In Uganda and Nigeria, U.S. DSF is sold primarily to bakers. In Ghana TSP is considered an innovative source of protein that can help food companies meet the nutritional demands of a growing population.

The training was funded by the USDA’s Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP). The ATP focuses on building new export markets and offsetting the negative effects of tariff related barriers.