WISHH Launches New ‘Explainer’ Video in Five Languages

Jul 30, 2020

Watch WISHH’s new ‘explainer’ video to see how strategic partnerships with WISHH capture the potential for economic progress with soy protein in nutritious foods as well as feeds for poultry, fish and more. WISHH is making the video available in five languages (Burmese, English, French, Khmer, and Spanish), a new record for WISHH translations of any single educational tool. Watch here.

The video informs entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets so they can see how WISHH educates, mentors and networks as well as provides effective trade solutions. It shares how U.S. soybean farmers support WISHH’s work with businesses, governments, and non-governmental organizations from Guatemala to Cambodia to Uganda.

WISHH has many uses for the video. One of the first is showing it in conjunction with WISHH’s three-part webinar series in August that will present internationally recognized experts for food safety, crises management and business strategies. The webinars will help WISHH mentor entrepreneurs who are adopting new strategies as COVID-19 presents unprecedent challenges.

The United Soybean Board provided soybean checkoff support of the video and webinar series to provide new insights to assist entrepreneurs in overcoming obstacles to supply chains in developing and emerging markets.