WISHH Team in Kenya to Organizing USDA Trade Conference

Mar 27, 2014

ASA’s WISHH Program Executive Director and WISHH Africa Staff Erica Morrow and Josh Neiderman are in Nairobi this week at a conference on trade development, funded by USDA’s Globally Based Initiative (GBI) funding. Five other cooperators are attending the conference along with Morrow and Niederman to promote trade with the U.S. in their respective products, including the American Peanut Council, National Renderers Association, USA Dry Beans Council, USA Dry Pea and Lentil Council and U.S. Grains Council.

USDA is making a concerted effort to build trade with Africa, and also present at this week’s meetigns were leaders from USDA-FAS offices in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

Almost 100 participants from five African nations participated in the one day conference on food and feedstuffs, and WISHH took the opportunity to meet with supply chain partners and customers of U.S. soy from three countries. Kenya alone imported more than $1 million of U.S. isolated soy protein last year.