WISHH Work Increases U.S. Soy Demand for Ghana Poultry Feed

Jan 24, 2019

ASA/WISHH Project Director, AMPLIFIES Erica Morrow and Manager of Program Operations Eric DeMerit traveled to Ghana earlier this month to monitor program activities and provide support to staff assigned to the USDA Food for Progress program.

The AMPLIFIES Program, along with complementary market development work by ASA/WISHH ,has led to an increase in demand of optimally formulated poultry feeds, a demand paralleled by added capacity in the local feed milling industry. The gap in raw material supply, including soybeans and soybean meal, for this feed production is being capitalized upon by several local importers who are connected to U.S. soybean suppliers in both container and bulk consignments. U.S. soybean exports to Ghana are expected to continue to increase in 2019.

While in Ghana, Morrow traveled to the northern city of Tamale to participate in a three day coordination meeting attended by AMPLIFIES program partners. In addition to AMPLIFIES staff, participants included project partner staff from ADRA and other stakeholders.

Morrow also visited a newly built and operational Crop Aggregation Center, which serves as a key component to the value chain enhancement efforts undertaken by the program.