WISHH’s African Poultry Development Work Ahead of Trends in New Analysis

Jul 02, 2020

WISHH’s groundbreaking work to develop sub-Saharan African poultry, egg and feed value chains is on target for the opportunities identified in a new analysis from Fitch Solutions, a global market intelligence firm. On June 17, Fitch Solutions released their findings that, “We consider Sub-Saharan Africa to be a promising region for the poultry industry as the region will experience significant population growth, rapid urbanisation, and rising consumer income over the coming year.”

Fitch’s outlook for sub-Saharan poultry production is positive over the medium-term, given robust demand growth and the relative inefficiency of existing domestic poultry producers. Fitch also recognized Ghana and Ethiopia as the countries with the most promising outlook for poultry

WISHH has conducted multiple activities to develop Ghanaian and other sub-Saharan African poultry sectors. With USDA Food for Progress funding, WISHH is implementing the Assisting in the Management of Poultry and Layer Industries with Feed Improvement and Efficiency Strategies (AMPLIFES) Ghana Project that has successfully trained poultry and other farmers as well as feed millers to strengthen the poultry value chain. AMPLIFIES promotes the use of soybeans in improved poultry nutrition.

Through AMPLIFIES, Ghanaian poultry farmers have learned the value that soy adds to poultry feed and are starting to seek soy as the protein content in their feeds. Project participants have also adopted important post-harvest technologies that improve the ability of farmers to buy and sell safe, quality grains.

Again, WISHH’s work aligns with Fitch findings that, “While major Sub-Saharan markets will remain net importers of poultry meat for the foreseeable future due to high feed costs and underdeveloped value chains, significant consumption growth over the coming years will create a major tailwind for domestic poultry industries.”

The Fitch Solutions analysis recognizes opportunities for eggs, and states, “Steadily rising demand due to population and economic growth will be a significant tailwind to domestic production, particularly of eggs, in several key markets.”

AMPLIFIES’ National Egg Campaign, a consumer education initiative, is also helping meet Ghana’s protein needs by building demand for eggs. Through AMPLIFIES, WISHH works closely with Ghana’s Health Service and other industry partners as well as schools and communities to educate consumers on the benefits of eating eggs.

WISHH is launching the third iteration of a survey to measure the household consumption of eggs in Ghana. Per capita egg consumption in Ghana increased from 12 in 1995 to 128 in 2018, a strong trend to drive demand for U.S. soy. The AMPLIFIES’ survey will allow WISHH to further examine egg consumption trends in consumption, build capacity for the Ghanaian poultry industry and drive demand for U.S. soy.