WISHH’s New Logo Focuses on the Future of Global Opportunity for U.S. Soy Protein

Mar 05, 2020

The golden rays of a soybean image rise above the name launched by visionary U.S. soybean leaders two decades ago when they anticipated that U.S. soybean growers needed a catalyst in emerging markets. WISHH’s new logo, released in conjunction with its 20th anniversary, shines attention on how WISHH builds on its far-sighted foundation to reach up to new U.S. soy protein opportunities that have no ceiling.

The logo also integrates with a new website, which supports WISHH’s work to connect trade and development by collaborating with U.S. soybean audiences as well as new protein partners in some of the fastest growing economies around the world.

The website informs how WISHH brings the power of strategic partnerships to a unique market-systems approach in Africa, Asia and Central America. Like WISHH, the website is designed to engage with local business leaders, governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as academic institutions that can join WISHH in increasing demand and fueling economic growth for the sustained availability of nutritious and affordable human foods and livestock feeds.

To further share “What’s Next” for U.S. soy protein on WISHH’s 20th Anniversary, WISHH’s YouTube channel offers video interviews with USDA Under Secretary for Trade and Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, Sen. Joni Ernst, additional international experts and WISHH trade team participants.