WISHH’s Work with Ghanaian Poultry Association Unites Trade, Development & Food Security

May 05, 2022

Ghana’s Women in Poultry Value Chain members mark their fifth anniversary by donating eggs to a hospital. WISHH and WIPVaC partner on a range of initiatives, ranging from feed quality training to egg consumption campaigns.  Photo Credit: WIPVaC

Trade, development and global food security come together through ASA/WISHH’s work with Ghana’s Women in Poultry Value Chain (WIPVaC).  WISHH has partnered with WIPVaC since its early days when the group launched regional chapters of the association that now includes more than 900 active association members across all 16 regions of Ghana. Today, their membership links aggregators of soybeans and corn, day-old-chick suppliers, poultry farmers, egg sellers and poultry distributors.

WISHH and WIPVaC recently met virtually to celebrate the association as it marks its fifth anniversary, and to make plans for future collaboration. Executive committee member Patricia Dzesu shared, “We are looking at a strong relationship with WISHH to exchange information and secure availability of American soy. Once we are able to get more soy readily available, then our members will be able to produce continuously.”

Past development activities between WISHH and WIPVaC have strengthened the association and helped it grow its voice. WIPVaC was founded in response to the challenge that few women participated in poultry industry programs—even though women are often integral to poultry enterprises. Their association has built a nationwide membership base and leadership team with a proven voice for advocacy. WIPVaC led representation for its members’ views on the Economic Community of West African States Veterinary Pharmaceutical Protocol and their appearance before Ghana’s Parliament. WISHH used USDA Agricultural Trade Promotion Program funds to offer expanded leadership training to WIPVaC in April 2022.

WISHH is using United Soybean Board funding to lead further research into financial options that could benefit WIPVaC members as well as fish farmers and others in the country where agricultural average interest rates are often 31% or higher. In summer 2022, WISHH expects to include WIPVaC members in a feed quality training at Kansas State University. Use of USDA Market Access Program funds will allow WISHH to share knowledge to improve feed efficiency and quality.

WISHH’s AMPLIFIES USDA Food for Progress Project that ran between 2015-2020 featured an egg consumption campaign that provided science-based information that increased egg consumption in Ghana. President Victoria Norgbey summarizes the cooperation with WISHH, saying, “We are grateful and hope to maintain this relationship to impact society and satisfy the protein requirements of our nation and beyond.”