Soy Growers Planning to Apply Dicamba Must Go Through Training

A mandatory training is now required for growers using dicamba or auxin-type products in their fields. Growers must participate in training before applying the following products in 2018:

  • XtendiMax® herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology (Monsanto)
  • FeXapan® herbicide plus VaporGrip® Technology (DuPont)
  • Engenia® Herbicide (BASF)

“Tools like dicamba-tolerant soybeans and new formulations of dicamba ensure that farmers can grow healthy, affordable food and it’s imperative to stay up-to-date and informed so we can continue to effectively utilize these important innovations in agriculture,” said ASA President John Heisdorffer, a farmer from Keota, Iowa.

Training is offered by each of the registering companies and several states. Certain states require that an applicator complete training conducted by the state. If you are applying these products in one of the following states, you must attend that state’s mandatory training: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.

In addition to the events provided by the registering companies, below is a list of additional state training opportunities:

Illinois Events

Iowa Events

Kansas Events

Kentucky Events

Oklahoma Events

Minnesota Events

Nebraska Events

North Dakota Events

South Carolina Events

South Dakota Events

Texas Events

Wisconsin Events