News Releases

2022 Soybean Leadership Academy

January 20, 2022

This year’s Soybean Leadership Academy featured interactive learning opportunities with industry leading speakers, along with soybean grower and staff leaders from across the country—and even a bit of sunshine. Last week in Bonita Springs, Florida, ...


ASA Elects 2022 Executive Committee, Welcomes New Board Members

December 13, 2021

During its annual meeting in St. Louis this week, the American Soybean Association (ASA) elected the leaders who will steer the organization through a new year of soybean policy advocacy, including planning for the 2023 ...


#SoyOnTheGo: Reliable Surface Transportation is Key to Keeping Soy & Supply Chain Moving

December 3, 2021

By Caleb Ragland  •  ASA Director As harvest begins to wrap up in Kentucky, the focus has shifted to getting my soybeans from field to market. Now is where the importance of a reliable infrastructure ...


#SoyOnTheGo: The Slow-Down: Bridges, Locks & Dams

November 24, 2021

By Dave Walton •  ASA Director  Infrastructure isn’t something we think about until it impacts us either positively or negatively. Harvest has wrapped up, and each year we spend a little time in the office ...


#SoyOnTheGo: Off the Beaten Path: Detours Due to Aging Infrastructure Comes at a Cost

November 19, 2021

By Willard Jack  •  ASA Director Transportation infrastructure in Mississippi has been an issue for farmers and truckers like me for the last several years. There are 10,757 bridges on local roads and 426 are ...

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