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Ag Groups Formally Object to EPA Chlorpyrifos Rule, Citing Harm to Growers and Lack of Scientific Basis

October 19, 2021

Washington, D.C., October 19, 2021. This week, more than 80 agricultural groups filed formal objections to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Aug. 30 rule to revoke all tolerances of chlorpyrifos. Stakeholders, by law, can object to ...


Grower Groups Disappointed Neonic Draft BE Does Not Reflect Actual Product Use

August 26, 2021

“Likely to adversely affect” species list inflated as a result Washington, D.C., August 26, 2021. Grower organizations representing a variety of crops are disappointed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s draft biological evaluation (BE) for several ...


Soybean Farmers Applaud Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

June 24, 2021

Washington, D.C. June 24, 2021. Soybean farmers are pleased to see a strong bipartisan approach to investing in America’s infrastructure and are supportive of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework agreed upon by senators and endorsed by ...


Soy Farmers Seek to Protect Phosphate Choices

February 17, 2021

Washington, D.C. Feb. 17, 2021. The American Soybean Association (ASA) has filed joint comments to the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) regarding a petition by the Mosaic Company to enforce countervailing duties on Russian and ...


President Biden Executive Actions on Climate

January 28, 2021

An executive order signed by President Biden this week calls for elevating climate policy to be an “essential element” of American foreign policy and national security. The order begins the process of determining the U.S. ...

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