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African Poultry, Egg Farmers Gain Knowledge on U.S. Soy Advantage

February 6, 2020

WISHH supports growth of the local poultry and feed industries by connecting attendees with the necessary technical, financial and buying resources to grow their businesses. They recently hosted a trade team including a recent U.S. ...


WISHH Trade Team Connects U.S. Soy Protein for Foods & Feeds

January 30, 2020

ASA WISHH’s January trade team to Cambodia and Myanmar is building on WISHH’s ongoing work with current and potential customers of U.S. soy for both human food and livestock feeds. In Myanmar, WISHH is growing ...


ASA’s WISHH Emerging Markets Trade Team Delivers U.S. Soy Protein Four-Point Message

January 21, 2020

St. Louis. Jan 21, 2020. U.S. soybean growers delivered four key soy protein messages to current and potential customers in Cambodia and Myanmar where protein demand is rapidly growing for aquaculture and livestock feeds as ...


WISHH Dialogues with USDA About Cambodian Aquaculture Opportunities

January 9, 2020

ASA/WISHH engaged with 14 USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) staff last week in Washington, D.C. during a briefing by Jim Hershey, chief of party for WISHH’s USDA-funded Commercialization of Aquaculture for Sustainable Trade (CAST) – ...


WISHH Promotes Protein Consumption at the Global Child Nutrition Forum

December 17, 2019

WISHH, along with 350 school nutrition professionals, government officials and implementing NGOs gathered in Siem Reap, Cambodia to discuss nutrition, school meal design, public-private partnerships and program sustainability. WISHH Francophone Africa consultant Mamadou Bousso traveled ...

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