News Releases

WISHH Trade Teams from Three Continents Will Build Demand for U.S. Soy

August 28, 2019

ASA WISHH’s August U.S.-based training programs have introduced 12 strategic partners from Central America, Asia and Africa to new ways to grow demand for products made with U.S. soy protein. Multiple participating companies have $1 ...


CAST Hires Experienced Specialist to Lead Aquaculture Association Development

August 15, 2019

ASA’s CAST project hired Phirum Chet, former deputy director of the Cambodian Livestock Raisers, as the association development lead. Phirum comes to CAST with over 20 years’ experience in business training, ag marketing, livestock value ...


ZFS Creston Soy Flour Sales Grow through ASA/WISHH Work in Central America, Africa

July 26, 2019

ASA/WISHH has created new Central American and African customers for ZFS Creston’s soy flour. While leveraging QSSB and USDA Foreign Agricultural Service funds in 2018, ASA/WISHH identified multiple demand-building opportunities for ZFS Creston soy flour ...


ASA/WISHH Monitoring & Evaluation Staff Work to Align Data Management Systems Across Projects

July 18, 2019

ASA/WISHH Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) staff met this week to discuss data collection tools, management systems and reporting guidelines for USDA-funded Food for Progress projects run by WISHH in Cambodia and Ghana. ASA/WISHH’s work in ...


AMPLIFIES Ghana Partner Isaac Sesi Wins MIT Innovator Under 35

July 11, 2019

ASA WISHH congratulates Isaac Sesi, a strategic partner for the AMPLIFIES Ghana Project who is one of 35 people from around the world selected by MIT Technology Review to be included on its prestigious 2019 ...

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