News Releases

New USDA Reports Affirm WISHH’s Strategies in Central America

April 15, 2021

WISHH’s work is on the right track for U.S. soy in Central America. Two new USDA reports feature Guatemala and El Salvador as important countries for U.S. agriculture even as the countries face the challenges ...


Cambodian Aquaculturist Association Leads Again!

April 8, 2021

The ASA/WISHH-supported Cambodian Aquaculturist Association’s (CAA) membership continues to grow in numbers as well and leadership for the industry. CAA’s ranks now include 318 fish farmers, sellers, wholesalers, feed millers and distributors, as well as ...


ASA/WISHH Partners with Purdue University to Train Entrepreneurs on Business Planning

April 1, 2021

ASA/WISHH is partnering with Purdue University to deliver virtual training on business planning and strategies to mentor food and feed entrepreneurs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through WISHH’s United Soybean Board-funded Mobilizing Entrepreneurs Initiative, ...


WISHH to Host Risk-Management & Trade Webinars for Asian & African Buyers  

March 18, 2021

WISHH is sharing soy trade and risk management expert insights with current and potential buyers from Africa and Asia during two webinars that WISHH will host on March 30.  Many companies that work with WISHH ...


USDA Report Recognizes ASA/WISHH Results in ‘East Africa’s Economic Powerhouse’

March 5, 2021

USDA’s new Global Agricultural Information Network Report recognizes ASA/WISHH’s results in Kenya, which it describes as East Africa’s economic powerhouse. The USDA analysis finds Kenya home to a fast-growing population and middle class, as well ...

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