News Releases

ASA-WISHH Strategic Partner Prosoya Kenya Stars in USB-funded Training

September 9, 2021

ASA-WISHH’s newest video explores how strategic partner, Prosoya Kenya, has benefitted from WISHH’s USB-funded Mobilizing Entrepreneurs to Expand U.S. Soy Utilization in Developing and Emerging Markets Initiative. The company has a high-bar mission of bringing ...


WISHH Cultivates Contacts at GTE for West African Feed Supplier

September 2, 2021

ASA-WISHH’s Africa team participated in the U.S. Soy Global Trade Exchange & Specialty Grains Conference (GTE) in St. Louis last week. The GTE was an excellent opportunity for WISHH’s Senegal-based partner, NMA Sanders, to meet ...


ASA-WISHH & Ugandan Strategic Partner Share Soy Flour’s Benefits in Bakers’ Campaign

August 26, 2021

ASA-WISHH’s leveraging of strategic partnerships in Africa continues to yield strong results in a fresh new “Soy is Good” promotion in Uganda. WISHH is utilizing USDA Market Access Program funds and ZFS soy flour to ...


CAST Offers Financial Training and Loans for Cambodian Aquaculture Industry Growth

August 19, 2021

ASA-WISHH’s CAST Commercialization of Aquaculture for Sustainable Trade – Cambodia USDA Food for Progress project this week hosted a virtual workshop to share valuable food safety, market and financial information for fish farmers, feed distributors ...


On International Youth Day, ASA/WISHH Celebrates Another Award for AMPLIFIES Ghana Partner Isaac Sesi

August 12, 2021

Isaac Sesi, ASA/WISHH’s strategic partner for the Assisting the Management of Poultry and Layer Industries with Feed Improvement and Efficiency Strategies (AMPLIFIES) Project in Ghana, is racking up awards. On the heels of being selected ...

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