News Releases

WISHH’s Timely Food Security Panel Showcases Soy’s Value in Exports & Global Diplomacy

March 17, 2022

ASA WISHH’s Commodity Classic panel highlighted U.S. soy’s export opportunities in global food security, while tapping into the timely topic of how U.S. soy contributes to America’s diplomacy with other countries. WISHH Program Committee Chair ...


WISHH Strategic Partner Featured on Kenyan TV Network

February 24, 2022

2022 brings even more positive exposure for one of ASA/WISHH’s strategic partners that participated in WISHH’s USB-funded project for entrepreneurs to expand the role of soy in foods or feeds. Prosoya Kenya stars on the ...


ASA Selects Gena Perry as WISHH Executive Director

February 23, 2022

St. Louis, MO. Feb. 23, 2022. The American Soybean Association (ASA) announces Gena Perry as executive director of ASA’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health program. Perry, who currently serves as project director global ...


Illinois Soybean Growers Support Cambodian Aquaculture Industry Workshop

February 16, 2022

The ASA/WISHH-supported Cambodian Aquaculturist Association (CAA) is co-hosting the Aquaculture Industry Workshop: Improving Business Linkages this week with the Illinois Soybean Association highlighted as a gold sponsor. The workshop is an example of the CAA’s ...


WISHH Cultivates Latin American Food Company Innovation with Soy

February 10, 2022

Latin American food companies continue to count on ASA/WISHH for innovation in new product development as well as introductions to U.S. soy suppliers. Of the companies WISHH provided soy functionality expertise to in the last ...

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